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World News
Iran seizes British, Liberian tankers in Strait of Hormuz
U.S. Slaps Sanctions On Nuclear Supply Network For Iran’s Enrichment Program
Iran admits seizure of foreign tanker, 12 crew members in Strait of Hormuz; US warship enters Persian Gulf
US nuke locations accidentally exposed in NATO-affiliated report
U.S. removing Turkey from F-35 program after its Russian missile defense purchase
Monsoon Flooding Hits Indian Subcontinent
Sweden Chip Prefigures Mark of the Beast?: 4,000 Swedes Take Chip Implant in Hand
Israel News
Netanyahu: Israel Will Deliver ‘Crushing Blow’ in Any Future War With Hezbollah
At summit with Russia, Israel and US demanded Iran leave Lebanon, Iraq
Netanyahu responds to Nasrallah threat: Will deal ‘crushing blow’ if Hezbollah attacks
Netanyahu's Claim that Iran Performed 'Clean-Up' Job At Covert Nuclear Site Confirmed by IAEA
Mossad led IAEA to radioactive material at Iran site, proving it broke deal
Netanyahu: 'We Are Preparing for a Campaign' Against Hamas
TV: Israel intelligence foiled 50 Islamic State, Iranian attacks in 20 countries
U.S. News
House Approves Democrat Bill on Minimum Wage Hike But Not Likely To Pass Republican-Controlled Senate
House notches rare bipartisan vote to repeal part of Obamacare
US House votes to block Saudi, UAE arms sales, bucking Trump veto threat
'I Believe Americans Have a Right to Know': New Jersey Representative Presents Bill Asking Government to Disclose Its Involvement in Lyme Disease
Opioid Shipments Increased by Over 50% as Addiction Crisis Grew, Federal Data Shows
Trump Abortion Restrictions Effective Immediately
U.S. House passes $733-billion defense policy bill after Trump threatens veto
Christian News
Christian Imprisoned for 5 years for Blasphemy in Pakistan Granted Release
Early Rain Covenant Church Member Escaped to Taiwan: 'No Long Safe' for Christians in China
Egypt Legalizes Over 1,000 Churches in Apparent Bid to Create Tolerant Islamic Society
8 Christians Arrested in Iran, One Elderly Woman Freed
U.K. Report: Christian Persecution 'Overlooked in the West'
Indian House Church in Telangana State Harassed for Third Week in a Row
Indian Believer Called to Comfort the Sick Arrested and Monitored by Police

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