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World News
US said coordinating secret Iran talks between Israel, Emirates
North Korea launches 2 more short-range missiles, US official says
British Release Iranian Tanker After U.S. Fails in Bid to Take Over Seizure
Chinese military preparing crackdown
Pakistan asks U.N. Security Council to meet on Kashmir crisis
Iran warns of war if Israeli warships enter Persian Gulf
Trump 'not ready' to deal with China, says September talks may be canceled
Israel News
Israel blamed for blast in Iran-backed militia weapons depot in Baghdad
Iranian commander: Hezbollah honed its skills in Syria, can destroy Israel
Rabbis Claim Foxes on Temple Mount Are Sign of ‘Jerusalem Returning To Its Former Glory,’ Harbinger of Forthcoming Temple
At the southern tip of the Red Sea, Iran poses a direct threat to Israel
Before election, PM aims for Trump backing for Israel sovereignty at settlements
Record number of Jews visit Temple Mount on Tisha B’Av, despite riots
2 Hamas Terror Cells Discovered in 2 Months in Israel, Netanyahu Praises ‘Long Arm’ of Israeli Security
U.S. News
US Retail Sales Up Solidly in Sign of Consumer Optimism
US housing debt surges to $9.4T, topping record high from 2008
US Stocks Plunge 3% on Recession Fears
'Operation Independence Day': FBI's Month-long Sweep Targets Sex Traffickers, Recovers More Than 100 Minors
Federal Spending Sets New Record; Treasury Runs Nearly $900 Billion Deficit
Republican plans to cancel Trump primaries in some states see pushback
Firearms cases loom before Supreme Court after deadly summer
Christian News
Egyptian Churches Encounter Administrative Hurdles on Path to Legal Status
Little Has Changed': Pastor in Colombia Murdered Despite Peace Agreement
Kenyan Muslims, ‘At Risk To Their Own Lives,’ Protect Christians from Planned Terrorist Attack
Pastor Beaten, Attackers Escape in India as Church Leaders Call on Modi to Address Persecution of Christians
Christians Taken Captive in February Released in Myanmar
Case Against Sudanese Pastors Reopened Amidst Hopes For Democracy, Freedom of Religion
American, Korean Christians ‘Treated As Criminals,’ ‘Kept in a Miserable Condition’ In Nepal

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